Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue

Mission Statement

Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue is an Ohio based 501(c)3 charity. Our main purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home our basset hounds into safe loving environments. Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue was formed out of the desire to help bassets that are homeless or abused, so that we can help heal hearts one paw at a time. This rescue was created and is operated by basset hound owners that LOVE THE BREED!  

We specialize in finding permanent homes for basset hounds. We work to identify homeless, abandoned or mistreated bassets with the goal of finding them loving homes. We rely on a network of volunteers throughout Ohio and neighboring states that foster and transport animals in need. Our operating costs are funded by donations and fundraisers.

If you are looking for a new family member take a look at our available animals.


Board of Directors

Bonnie Patterson - President
Janet Prior - Vice President
Kelly Coakley - Secretary
Katrina Graham - Treasurer

Directors - Officers


Jen Edsall